Teacher Websites

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Primary Faculty

Mrs. Ann Kihn
Mrs. Kelly Fick
Ms. Suzanne Faith
Mrs. Jessica Larkin
Ms. Abby Krauss

Mrs. Jenny Krush

Intermediate Faculty

Mrs. Mary Kay Willard

Ms. Rebecca Brent
Mrs. Patty Ruppert
Mrs. Kim Shannon

Mrs. Maggie Dates

Middle School Faculty

Mrs. Beth Kistler
Mrs. Maria Ipoutcha 
Ms. Alison Wilson 
Mr. Chris Kennedy 
Mrs. Kate Cabral 

Specials Faculty

Mrs. Liz Armacost - Art
 - Library
Mr. Brendan Brady - Music 
Mrs. Karen Wuestenfeld - Physical Education and Health
Mrs. Pat Daley - Director of Instructional Technology

School Nurse

School Nurse