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School Board

The St. Joseph School board was established to assist community leadership – namely the Pastor of St. Joseph Parish and the Principal of St. Joseph School – in an advisory and consultative capacity for the betterment of the school and its programs. It is recognized that the SJS Board exists as an advisory arm of the Parish Council to advance the causes and mission of the school. However, it does not establish
educational policy, oversee day-to-day operations, or make decisions binding to the Parish, School, or leadership. The school board should be composed of 12 - 15 members.

The overriding responsibility of the SJS Board is to ensure that assets and personnel of the school are used to promote and strengthen the community/communities of which it is a part. Areas of responsibility can include:

A. Planning.
B. Institutional Development.
C. Public, Community, and Government Relations.
D. Intra-parish and inter-parish relationships.

Criteria for board membership include:

A. Interest in, and commitment to, Catholic Education.
B. Availability to attend Board meetings and participate actively in programs and functions.
C. High-level of integrity and confidentiality.
D. Ability to represent broad interests of the school and parish.
E. May not be a current St. Joseph School faculty, staff, or parent.


Pastor, St. Joseph Parish - Msgr. Rick Hilgartner
Principal, St. Joseph School - Mrs. Maggie Bellamy


St. Joseph School Association Representative

Provide communication regarding HSA events and initiatives


St. Joseph Parish Council Representative

Ensure effective communication between the parish council and the school board regarding community priorities, events, and methods to build bridges between the parish and school communities.


At-large Member – Chair

Responsible for setting meeting agendas, assisting the Pastor and Principal regarding specific issues to be addressed, and maintaining communication for the board.

At-large Member – Co-Chair

Responsible for supporting the chair in assisting the Pastor and Principal regarding specific issues to be addressed and maintaining communication for the board.

At-large Member – Secretary

Responsible for accurately documenting minutes of each meeting, providing minutes for review before meetings, and filing approved minutes in the shared online document management system.

At-large Member – Strategic Planning

Connects with the lead for each school board committee and appointed voting members to review the status of strategic planning initiatives. The strategic planning lead will facilitate communication to move initiatives forward as needed.

At-large Member – Mission & Catholic Identity 

Responsible for leading the Mission and Catholic Identity committee as it relates to assisting with opportunities for prayer and service. This may include preparing/supporting/leading prayer services, providing hospitality at Masses, and providing resources for school leadership, faculty, and parents.

At-large Member – Finance

The chair of the St. Joseph School Finance Committee represents the committee on the St. Joseph School Board. Responsible for effectively communicating between the board and the committee regarding school-related budgeting, tuition, maintenance, and capital improvements. This includes presenting the monthly and annual budgets, guiding discussion around annual tuition proposals, highlighting concerns, and articulating long-term financial plans.

At-large Member – Institutional Advancement

Responsible for working with the SJS School leadership and staff and HSA leadership to help develop short-term and long-term plans to strengthen institutional advancement.

At-large Member – Facilities

Responsible for developing a facilities committee with the SJS and SJP operations staff. This committee will then serve as a consultative body for the Operations Manager, Pastor, and Principal.

At-large Member – Membership

Assists in identifying potential board members, communicating membership responsibility,tracking existing board member terms, identifying changes in voting members' positions, and developing a pipeline for SJS Board membership.

At-large Member – General

At-large Member – Chair Emeritus