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Reading & Math Services/Enrichment

Reading Services

Participants in the program have been recommended by their teachers based on their critical reading skills, by teacher observations, and by the student’s standardized test scores. Students are grouped in small classes where a variety of strategies are implemented to improve reading skills, self-confidence and attitude. Close contact in maintained with the student’s teachers so that coordination of the educational program is preserved.

Reading Enrichment

The Reading Enrichment program begins in the fifth grade and continues through Middle School. Participants in this small group have been recommended by their teachers based on their critical reading skills as evidenced in class work and participation, by teacher observations, by their standardized test scores in the reading and language areas, also by performance as revealed on their progress reports. The focus of this group is the discussion of novels, creative writing activities and innovative projects.

Math Remediation

Students, grades 5-8, have been chosen for this program based on their standardized testing scores and upon the recommendation of their teachers. Students participate in small group instruction that allows for more practice, guidance, and support while adhering to the math curriculum.

Math Enrichment

Students in grades 5-8 are able to qualify for the Math Enrichment program based on their standardized test scores and teacher recommendations. These small groups allow students to expand their knowledge of math through real-world problem solving and critical thinking activities. Students will expand on the skills learned in the math classroom while associating math with other subject areas such as art, history, technology, and science.